Community Without Walls

Community Without Walls is registered with the Ministry of the Interior as a non-profit organisation whose stated aims are to encourage and promote harmony and inter-relationships between the Spanish and the international communities.

Incorporated in the Community is the Church Without Walls, a Bible-based charismatic church. You can read our Statement of Faith here on the website,


Statement of Faith

Community Outreach

Our mission field is our local community, and we take seriously the commandments of Jesus to love our neighbours and to care for the poor among us.

– We sustain a Community Cupboard, stocked with donated groceries to help feed those in need.

– We offer free language classes to the public :- English for the Spanish speakers to help them increase their job possibilities; and Spanish for English speakers to help them assimilate into the local culture.

There are no strings attached. These are community meetings – we’re not out to get you to join a church! – though we’re here to pray if anyone  should ask.


Spanish Sessions

We have got to know so many English speakers who want to feel comfortable communicating in Spanish, and who want to really get to know their Spanish neighbours. So in February 2021 the Community Church Without Walls in Albox opened up free Spanish lessons as a service to our surrounding community.

We began meeting on Wednesdays, with 2 groups – one for beginners and one for those more advanced in their Spanish.

The aim was to provide real life interaction and involvement, in a casually friendly environment, with fully bilingual coaches.

It worked! – The response was remarkable. We opened up for a second ‘season’ and people continued to come, have fun, & grow in their understanding  of Spain and the Spanish language.

2022 promises to be just as exciting, and as always, our doors are open to anyone.

Compliant with Covid restrictions.


calle Arrebal nº 20, Albox
14:00 – we open with  a time for questions,  to review, to clarify, to catch up for those who may have missed a session.
14:15  we move to a time of instruction, interaction and conversation, and finish at around 15:15.
After that we enjoy a time of more questions, and fellowship over coffee & cake.
There are2 options in the classes:
(i) For those who know some Spanish but want to improve their conversation & general involvement in Spanish life.
(ii) For those who have studied online or in other classes,  & want to get all that grammar correct as they keep improving.
c/Arrebal runs along the front of the Albox Medical Centre
Map and directions on the CONTACT page.


Contact us via Facebook with any questions.

We’ll introduce ourselves, explain how we function & chat with you to  investigate the best way  forward for you as an individual. 


Church Meetings

And of course, we hold church services on Sundays. These meetings are permitted under the Constitution, and we observe all the covid requirements.

Church Meetings


We simply strive to be the healthiest expression of Christian church we can be.

Through Jesus, by the Spirit, we seek to proclaim the Good News in all of our communication and in all the ways we interact with others.

The Gospel about Jesus really is good news for everyone