Community WhatsApps can be helpful, informative, and fun. Because they have an immediate response time, they can be great tools for communication, and even lifesavers in emergencies.

Our purpose is to have an easily accessible, biblically sound online platform where we can fellowship around the focus of our faith, where we can learn and grow together in the scriptures.

Our objective is the support, growth and strengthening of each member of the church, ensuring that they are pastored with care, and equipped for evangelistic outreach into the local and wider communities.


Even the best kind of group activity needs to have some structure and boundaries, especially when it’s in a state of constant growth and motion. These basics are here for the protection and well-being of us all.


Scripture-based and Church-centred.
An online place of fellowship for those who attend and support the vision of Rivers of Life Church in Albox and the Church Without Walls.
A centre of connection where we can share socially.
A place to share needs and ask for prayer, and to give feedback and reports of God’s work in our lives.
A nucleus where we can unite in agreement, and pray as a body into areas as God directs.
A platform to convey pertinent practical messages, such as times of services, involvement in helps ministries, etc.
A safe place to ask questions, discuss scripture, and share about faith related issues.

WHAT YOU CAN DO to Help the Group Flow Freely

1. Keep the primary focus of posts and conversations on our Church, our community and our missions. Let us encourage each other with this.

2. Say something, share something, take part.
Join the conversations, share your questions, be open to listen. You could learn – anything from practical opportunities and resources to scriptural truths about leadership to how to best use your skills in the kingdom. And you never know who you might help.

3. Think of those who are young in their faith walk. We know there are  many good works, teachers and preachers out there. Use scriptural discretion as you share outside links, and be open to comments.

4. Be courteous and respectful of other group members.
What is said in public can be answered in public. Opinions can be challenged with fairness and courtesy, and we are always to be ready to give the biblical basis for what we say.

5. See the bigger picture.
Remember that sometimes God will be dealing with you particularly and individually about a subject. For sure, share it – and at the same time recognise that others in the group may have different directions from God.

6. Stay calm.
When you can’t see a person face-to-face, with interactive expressions and body language, online comments can sometimes be misinterpreted.

WHAT We as Pastoral Admin Will Do to Help it Flow Freely

– Recognise the absolute authority of the head of the church, the Lord Jesus, in all things.
– Respect the purpose and objectives of the group.
– Remain true to scriptural principles.
– Remind people, where necessary, of the boundaries.

Admins reserve the right to change the group guidelines from time to time in the best interest of the group.

Privacy Policy for the WhatsApp Group


Andrés and Josephine