Corona virus lockdowns are being implemented across the globe. If we can’t so much as go out on the streets, then how then are we to fulfil this absolutely clear mandate from Jesus?

There are a number of things we can be sure of:
This did not take the Lord by surprise.
Whatever the situation facing us, he never leaves us without a solution

There has been an absolute explosion of online church activity as churches adapt to social distancing with digital services.

We are seeing the technological advances of the world being used to spread the gospel in groups such as this, live streaming of church services, online prayer meetings, and other innovative actions.

Yesterday we saw a church who were meeting in their parking area, with congregants tuning in to the service on their mobile devices whilst remaining in their own cars.

In our first message to the Group, we shared our vision for the immediate online future for RoL:
[quote] “We are setting up a new WhatsApp group for the church, and we are looking at live-streaming messages via YouTube so that it is easy for anyone to watch and join in whether on a mobile, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop. “[end quote]

A live stream message is just as much a pastoral responsibility as is a church service in a building, and we take it seriously.

The set-up process for the church-based River of Life channel is complete, and we are now working on the software for uploads.

If anyone feels they can assist with the practical running of this ministry – because it is a ministry of helps – please get in touch.

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