Small Church Online 20-04-08

A Small Church Online can reach just as far as a megachurch.

The gospel and our mandate of sharing it have not changed. What has changed is how we share.

From the day the lockdown started we took hold of technology and determined to use the internet for a good purpose – reaching out and connecting with one another.

For some it was a venture into unknown territory; for others it demanded work behind the scenes.

We’re a small church – OK.
We don’t have a team of teenagers to run our social media. OK.
We don’t all have the techno capabilities of the average 6 year old. OK.

What we do have is first and foremost exactly what Jesus had: people who believe in Him and His message.

We took hold of the internet to reach out and connect with one another. And our ‘small’ church online burst its walls.

We are moving forward, establishing new ground. We have this Group. We know we can post videos. We have the possibility of ‘live’ meetings.

Evangelism is spreading the gospel by whatever means possible. It goes far beyond ‘street preaching’ – that is just one method, that has its times and its seasons.

Today our street corners are found on the internet – on Google and YouTube, on Facebook and Groups like this.

You’ve probably seen a proliferation of church activity online. Some well done, some not.

But it’s not about having big stages and professional looking videos.

It’s not about Zoom meetings – though we think they’re a great goal to aim for.

It’s about recognising that these are the tools of the internet age. And what matters is how we can creatively use these tools to make a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way.

Our challenge is to  combine the tools and ourselves to make an impact even in a lockdown. We’ll be exploring options as we go.

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